We work with the Secretary of State, United States Department of State and most Foreign Consulates to get the correct seal for your international documents.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Cost? (Apostille Price)

There are 5 main factors that determine Apostille price estimates.
The government entities legally involved, the time it takes our experts
to work on your file, and the work that is required all play a role in how much we charge.


The Price-Factors:

  • 1. What type of document you need Apostilled.
    (ex. Power of Attorney/Death Certificate/Diploma/Corporate Document etc..)

  • 2. Which country is the Apostille for?
    (Where is it going? ex. Germany, India etc..)
    Here is a List of Apostille Hague Convention Countries.

  • 3. Where do the document originates from?
    (Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky etc.)

  • 4. How many documents do you need Apostille seals for, in total?
    (one document vs. four documents)

  • 5. Do you need it back fast?
    Normally it takes the government, at least,
    18-21 business days to process one document.
    Government departments are slow and overwhelmed with many request.
    We have a proprietary way of getting
    your documents completed in as little as 24hrs! 
    (24hrs from the time we receive the documents in hand)

*Apostille prices start at $195.00 per document.
(normal processing with no-rush).


Rush Service
We provide a [24hrs | 3day or 5day] RUSH SERVICE.
We can rush your documents to the front of the line and complete them in 24 hours, 3 days or 5 business days.

The normal processing time is controlled by two major factors, what type
of document you have and what country it's going to. As an example, a document for China
may involve more steps and have more authentication laws to follow than a document for Mexico (just as an example).


We work with the United States government including The U.S Department of State and foreign consulate offices to get your documents completed as fast as possible. Our relationships and experience get your documents done as fast as possible. Trying to do it on your own can take many months. Don't go to court without a lawyer.

How much time does the Apostille authentication normally take?

As a general rule, most one-document Apostille authentications
take at least 18-21 business days to complete, with no-rush processing. 

Rush Service - 24 hr return | 3 day return | 5 day return
Need a Quick Turn Around Time?

We have 3 rush service choices that will get your Apostille seal completed
and back in your hands in as little as 24 hours, with most documents.

*5 DAY RUSH upgrade starts at $99.00

Ask your representative for more details if you need your documents back right away.
Just Call 414-807-1356

General Apostille FAQs

 School Transcript Apostille requires that all Transcripts first be notarized with the proper notarial certificate

from the school registrar before it can be processed for an Apostille seal.
We can arrange all of it for you. If you would like for us to arrange and Notarize the transcripts for you please call now. 

*We are willing to meet with your registrar and perform the notarization

at any school in Houston Texas or surrounding areas for a small courier fee.

Marriage Certificate 
If you do not yet have your marriage certificate then all marriage certificates should be obtained from the county clerk's office where it was issued. We can get it for you.
Vital records must be an original certified document and not a photocopy of an original to be Apostilled.


Birth/Death Certificate  

You will need a certified copy (not just a regular photocopy) of your birth/death certificate from the county clerk or city vital records where they were issued. We can do that for you as well.



Official Business Documents
Some Texas Business documents require State Certified Copies from the issuing State before they can be Apostilled. Call us to make sure.
 The country you need the Apostille for should be on the Hague Convention list.
Click here to find out.

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Appointment time
All work is scheduled by appointment
No Walk-Ins
No Office Location
First Scheduled (over the phone) First Served

Travelling Service & Courier

We pick up/deliver all documents for premium and prompt service.

Payment is Simple & Secure
Cash or Credit Card
at the time of your appointment

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We meet every client at clients location.
Home, Work, Starbucks etc...


We do Not meet clients at our
P.O Box Mailing Address in Katy.
This service is completely 
concierge by appointment.

Thank you


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Client agrees to all terms and conditions set forth here by delivering his or her documents in our possession (including email, fax, mail or by hand) and or by making payment to us. Terms & Conditions: The money deposit goes to Houston Texas Mobile Notary and or Jason Oliver. Any and all money, deposits or fees paid are non-refundable once we have received delivery of documents by client. Deposit is non-refundable. We reserve the right to refund some, all or none of the fees. If the Secretary of State rejects your documents for Apostille because of their policy we are not responsible. We have the right to cure any errors made by us at our discretion. Apostille Processing Fees listed above are estimates and may be lower or higher in actuality. Above fees do not include applicable taxes or the credit card processing fee for paying with a credit card.


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